I feel like it’s a classic move for people to make a little “I’m going to blog again” post every time they retool their site, just to commit to this intention of starting to write again. I’m also fairly sure that it doesn’t always pan out that way.

A lot has changed since I last actively contributed content to this blog. I was a uni student who was also working part time while running a student society, living out of home for the first time, in my first serious relationship, and struggling with mental health issues. Importantly, at that stage I also thought I was a cisgendered heterosexual man. Rookie error.

Today, I’m a full time employed software engineer at a company I’m proud to work at instead of just a young software engineering student. I’m also a huge foodie who loves both cooking and going out to cafes, bars, and restaurants. I’m also a transgender non-binary polyamorous lesbian who uses she/they pronouns and loves living my best and brightests queer life.

So why not talk about these other rich aspects of my life? Who doesn’t love great food pics and the occasional recipe? Isn’t there so much value in sharing more queer experiences? And aren’t my tech opinions likely to be way better now in 2021 after six (or so) years in industry?

I’ve updated the website so there’s a main feed with all posts still, but there are also tabs for three blog categories: tech, queer, and food. This blog post appears in all of them, to mark the start of history for the two new categories, and also to serve as a bit of a public precommitment to say “there will eventually be more content here!”.

We’ll see how that goes 😉